8 Famous Footballers Who Are Devoted Christians, No 3 Of Them Will Shock You (Photos)

Footballers are known to be of different characters on and off the pitch as some would be seen in fantastic celebration after scoring goals for their clubs which is to the delight of their fans, while others will only be calm due to their religious belief.
There are some famous footballers who are devoted Christians and would always wants to show the sign of it in everything they do both on the field and off the pitch.
Here we bring you notable footballers who are devoted Christians.
1. Kaka
Brazilian star Kaka is one of the famous footballers who are devoted, and the former Real Madrid player exemplified it in 2007 when AC Milan won the UEFA Champions League trophy.
2. David Luiz
David Luiz
David Luiz is also a devoted Christians who used to drive a church van during his playing days at Benfica.
3. Edinson Cavani
Edinson Cavani
PSG striker Edinson Cavani is a strong member of a Christian website, and he has been a devoted Christian since his childhood days.
4. Neymar
Brazilian star Neymar was said not to be playing with any church activities since he was a kid, and till today, the Barcelona forward is still a devoted Christian.
5. Radamel Falcao
 Radamel Falcao
Apart of knowing how to play good football on the pitch, Radamel Falcao is also an evangelist and it was stated that he met his wife during evangelism in Bogota.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo
 Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo would shock many people considering his off pitch characters, but the Real Madrid star is a practicing catholic
7. Steven Pienaar
South African star Steven Pienaar would always show his underwear anytime he score a goal to show his fans how devoted he is.
8. Raheem Sterling
When Raheem Sterling was playing at Liverpool, he was regarded as the ‘Man Of God’ considering how he used to pray and preach to all his teammates. He still continue with the practice at Manchester City.

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