Common Signs that shows when A girl wants you


It’s not at all uncommon to hear men talk about how difficult – or impossible – it is to understand women. The same is true for what women say about men, of course, but this time the idea is to lend a hand to men who may be trying to determine if a particular women is interested in being more than just friends. There are subtle signals that women often use, even without realizing it, that might be an indication that she has more than just a passing interest in you. When you know what to watch for, it will be a lot easier to figure out whether or not there may be a future with her or not. Her are a few behaviors to watch for that are often a good indication that she wants to be more than friends.

#1 She touches you

If she seems like she’s taking advantage of opportunities to touch you during normal conversation, there’s a good chance she’s into you. It could be something as simple as gently touching your arm or shoulder when she’s laughing at something you say or when she’s telling you about something. It’s unlikely that a woman is going to be putting her hands on some dude that she does not have any interest in at all.

#2 First date appearance
If she’s someone you have spent a fair amount of time with before going on on a “real” date with, the way she fixes herself up for that first date could be a clue. If she’s usually a jeans-and-tee-shirt kind of gal and she shows up for your first date wearing a sexy dress, high heels and more make-up than usual, there’s a darn good chance she wants to make a good impression, and wants that date to be just the first of many.

#3 The copy cat

Again, here’s a situation where you’ll usually have to spend some time around her before you pick up on this because it may not be all that noticeable at first. If you’re the kind of guy who uses a certain word or phrase a lot, like “that’s sweet” and you begin to notice that she’s started to use it a lot as well, that could be one of those little signs that she’s got eyes for you. You can even test it out by adapting a new phrase or word that you overuse a bit and see if she follows suit.
#4 First conversation
A first conversation can tell you a great deal about how she feels about you. If it’s kind of awkward and brief, she just may not have any interest. She could also be super shy, but it should not be that hard to tell just by watching her body language. On the other hand, if she seems like she wants to keep talking and is asking you lots of questions about you, there’s an excellent chance that there is some interest there.
#5 Calls out of the blue

If she starts calling you a lot just to chat and not for any specific purpose, she may be hoping she can get more involved. She’ll tend to do this a lot when she’s bored and wants someone to talk to. If yours is the number she dials most often, you’ll probably have a good chance of getting something started with her if you want to.
#6 Changing opinions
Here’s a sign that’s nearly foolproof. If you have heard her say she doesn’t like something, or know that she doesn’t because one of her friends has told you and then, she suddenly likes it when you bring it up in coversation, that’s a major signal. For example, you may hear her talking to one of her friends and hear her say she dislikes Thai food but later when she hears you talk about going out for some Thai food she seems all interested and says she really likes it. That’s pretty much an open invitation to ask her out if you want to.

#7 Body language
These signs tend to be a little more subtle and less reliable than some other signs, but there is decent chance they could be sings that she likes you. She licks her lips, plays with her hair, or tilts her head slightly when she talks to you. These are the kinds of little signals that are best used when other signs that she’s interested in you are present, because by themselves, they may not mean all that much.
#8 Happy hour
If a woman sends you a drink, that’s about as close as she can get to standing up on a table and screaming for you to come talk to her because she things you’re hot. If you’re at all interested, you’d be a fool to ignore that invitation and you may as well just go home and get used to the idea of being by yourself all your life.

#9. Greetings by proxy

When a gal’s friend comes to you and says that her friend wanted her to say “hi” to you for her, that’s another pretty reliable signal that there’s more than just casual interest in play. She’s definitely not going to go out of her way to ask her friend to pass along a greeting like that if she has no interest in you at all. If she thinks you’re a loser, you’re never going to be on the receiving end of a greeting like that!
#10 Late night
If you are spending time with her and she never seems like she wants to be the one that says she needs to get home, she’s probably thinking she’d like to see your relationship turn into something more serious. If you find that you’re always the one that has to say you’re ready to call it a night before she does, she’s definitely enjoying your company a lot.

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