How to save Data On your Android Phone (7 smart ways)


If there’s one thing that android phones are well known for among others is how much data it consumes since data bundles are becoming quite cheap *thanks to Glo* most people still find it annoying, personally i know how that feels.

I can still remember the first android device I used “Huawei U8650”
Being a newbie back then my data bundle and airtime did not last that much untill I started implementing the following steps which I will list out then explain to you.

In A Nutshell 6 Smart Ways To Quickly Save Data On Your Android

Restrict background data

Use browser with data saving feature

Set data limit

Set app updates over wifi only

Use opera max app

Use data monitoring apps

Turn off data roaming

Restrict Background Data 
Yes! you guessed right, this is placed at number one because most android user don’t get know anything about background data or if it exist.

Heres a little something on background data

As the name implies its simply help background running apps like whatsapp, facebook, to receive or use data even when you are not using the app thus leading to loss of data without you knowing.
If you are the kind that does not have enough data bundle on his or her android device and would like to turn off this feature please follow these steps.

Go to settings.

Click on data usage.
Click on the small icon at the top to display a menu.
Tick on the restrict background data option .

Use Browser With Data Saving Feature

Most of you just use browser like Opera mini and UC without knowing about the data saving features on it.
If you are a die hard Opera and UC browser user like me you would notice that Opera and UC has being making moves to help their consumers reduce data consumption by adding data saving options.

If you are using your phone’s or laptop default browser I would advise you to switch to Opera mini or UC browser.
Alternatively you can set image quality to medium or low.

Set Data Limit

If you don’t want to over use your data bundle you can easily set up data limit to notify or switch off the data connection when the data limit is reached.

To set up date limit on your android smartphone follow these steps.

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