Ladies : See Why you Should Always Allow Your Man To S.uck Your B.reastt


The female bre asts, also known as “the twins” or “the girls”, have remained the most conspicuous and attractive feature of the female $exual organ. Perhaps, its strategic positioning and function adds to its importance in the life of a woman.


Besides the age long biological function of the bre asts as a source of food and nourishment for babies, the bre ast is also a major source of $exual attraction for the male specie, just as it is also a key $exual organ for the woman, highly sensitive to stimulation. The fact that they come in various shapes and sizes, further add to their uniqueness and endearing place in our hearts as humans.
As a se.xual organ, the bre asts have been known to give immense pleasure to both men and women during se.xual encounters. In fact, some women have reportedly disclosed that they are capable of achieving orgasm even when thoroughly stimulated through sucking and caressing of the bre asts alone. Though, because of this highly sensitive nature, some women find it very uncomfortable or even painful to submit their twin girls to constant se.xual manipulation of any kind.
Interestingly, men are constantly drawn to the bre asts. A lot of this attraction has been attributed to psychological composition, perception and beliefs. For, pray, why would a full grown man be obsessed with sucking some mounds of milkless bre asts? I don’t often get logical answers to this question when I ask. The function of the bre asts in s.exual behaviour has been attributed to human Face -to -Face copulation that is unusual among other mammals. Since the bre ast already serves the function of mother-infant bonding, then it is also excellent for male -female bonding, says an argument. After all, it is just within reach.

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