Mother Brutally Gang-r*ped on a Bus in Front of her 3-year-old Daughter (Photo)

A woman has been left for dead after a gang of rapists brutally r*ped her in front of her daughter before killing her son.

The Indian woman was gang-r*ped in front of her daughter
A heartless group of rapists have brutally murdered a woman’s two-week-old son and r*ped the woman in front of her three-year-old daughter on a bus in India.
The unfortunate event happened as the 28-year-old woman was visiting her sister when the bus pulled into a station in the town of Shishgarh in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh State.
According to Police the woman’s daughter, who hid in a corner of the bus, was the only witness as two men raped her mother. She has since given an account of the harrowing ordeal.
Two men have been arrested by the police. Police spokesman Surendra Singh said: ‘She reached Shishgarh on Monday evening. At the bus station, from where she was to catch a bus to Bareilly, where she met the two accused.’
Another police spokesman, Yamuna Prasad added: ‘Her child had been sick for some time and she went to visit her sister to meet a tantrik (a Buddhist healer).
‘She was returning when she met the two accused at the bus station. She was allegedly raped inside the bus at the bus station. Later, she found her child dead.’
The distraught woman was taken to hospital where she is receiving medical attention after losing her little baby during the incident. The little girl managed to slip out of the bus without the attackers seeing. She was later found beside her unconscious mother by the side of the road.
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