Omg! See Gas Station That Offers Free Gas to Anyone Dressed Half-N*ked in Swimsuit (Photos+Video)

A gas station has stunned people with its new promotional methods after asking people to come for free gas dressed half-n*ked.
This is the gas station that has got people talking recently.
The station based in Russia’s Oblast region has been making headlines this week.
They made headlines for organizing an unusual promotion – a free tank of gas to anyone who showed up dressed only in women’s swimsuit and high heels.
According to Oddity Central, the ingenious publicity stunt took place on July 21st, in the south-western city of Samara, and only lasted three hours. Anyone looking to get a free tank of gas was invited to show up at the gas station wearing skimpy underwear and high heels.
The rules were pretty simple – wear the appropriate attire, fill up the tank yourself, and go to the front desk to tell the station attendant the pump number and fuel type. Abide by this terms and you get a full tank absolutely free.
You would think most people would consider such an offer degrading, especially towards women, but local journalists present at the Olvi gas station in Samara for the big event reported a long queue of people – both men and women – hoping for a chance to show their assets for a free tank of gas.
Although the mandatory dress code seemed aimed at women, the rules didn’t specify that you had to be one in order to qualify for the promotion, and some men were quick to take advantage.
Photos snapped by passers-by and posted on Russian social network VKontakte show guys wearing women’s swimming suits walking awkwardly towards the gas station after filling up their tanks.
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