Please Advice : Am Tired My Boss Use Me as S*x Machine, Sometimes R*pes Me in His Office

in the office
Dear readers,
I work for as a secretary for a big firm. The problem is that I am now being used as sex machine by my boss.
It all started in January when my boss threatened to fire me if i didn’t agree to sleep with him. It was on a Monday, he called me in his office and demanded that I should not knock off early in order for him to dine me after everyone left the office or I go home for good.
I looked at how I suffered to get my job as a secretary and I thought remaining was a good idea as to give me time and space to express myself by telling off my boss that I have a man and he is promising to marry me.
I waited until 18:00hrs when he came back at the office and called me to his office. Immediately, I knew all what he wanted was s*x, before he said anything I told him that I was on my period. I told him not to touch me.
He then said nothing and only pulled a letter of dismissal or choose between s*x, I cried inside my heart because what I was about to do was bad, but I had no option. I truly wanted the job to keep me surviving.
Now it is a habit that he want to abuse me sexually. I don’t want to lose my job but what should i do? He has started forcing himself on me. What should I do? I really need my job.


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