See The 4 Reasons Behind P’square’s Eminent Break-up


Peter Okoye practically spat fire when he ran some unfiltered, expository tweets about his relationship with his brothers.

He admitted he was still very committed to P-Square as a team with Paul, but was completely fed up under the management of Jude’s Northside Entertainment.

The tweets recalled conflicts between the brothers back in 2013 when rumours of a split first surfaced. Further developments revealed that Jude and Paul may be on the same side of things, which places a higher possibility of a break up in the camp.


On the surface, while it appears that a P-Square breaking up, whether between the duo that make up the group or between the group and its management, may be a terrible development for them or the Nigerian music industry, the opposite might indeed be the case for the reasons stated below.

1. A Society Like Nigeria Makes It Difficult For Artistes To Fully Prioritise Their Careers Over Family. A business structure based on the bond of family is likely to lack a proper structure. So If Peter is putting his foot down as a move against lack of structure, then it is something good for their fans.

2. Many careers have been been run into the ground because artistes try to respect tradition instead of doing whatever will serve them best. Jude may have been around for a while and might have been instrumental to many of P-Square’s biggest pay days, but with these internal power struggles emerging for the second time, his exit may just be the perfect career move for the duo to capitalize on in order to move their brand to another level. Before the brimming drama becomes damaging in terms of PR.

3. The Okoye empire has been around for over 15 years, however a break up will mean each of the brothers who all have enough capacity, experience and talent to start a solo career or establish new platforms, can do so. Peter has already started doing this with his reality show, football business and solo endorsement deals, Jude has Cynthia Morgan and his Northside entertainment. And Paul? He’s a talented singer and already got a thing going on with a new artiste he just signed called Muno.

Paul Okoye signs new artiste, Muno
Paul Okoye signs new artiste, Muno

4. The Okoye brothers are three great people with different amazing talents that music lovers are getting in just one place, Psquare group. Running solo could make Nigerians better off too.

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