See The Six ( 6 ) Reasons Why Nigerian Men Love B.oobs



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We like to Suck Them.

Believe it or not, many Nigerian men love to suck br.east because it is soft and tend.
We love the feeling and sensation it gives our partner especially when we put our mouth gently on it. They turn the female partner on when stimulated and sucked hard. They moan and cry like babies. Many studies claim that men who regularly sucked their partners b.oobs will be much loved and the female more agile and s.exual active. The transformation will be different especially for a developing female in her twenties.

We like how they feel.

It’s hard to say specifically why they feel so nice, but nonetheless, they do. Touch them and feel for yourself. There’s nothing else quite like them. That’s why, given the opportunity, we can’t resist putting our hands (or other body parts) on them (with your consent, of course) whenever they happen to be in the neighborhood.

We like how they work as a team.
Some things are just meant to come in pairs: Socks, shoes, even fang marks from your favorite Twilight hunk. And your “girls” are a member of this wonderfully co-dependent group. While they are individually lovely, together they create one of nature’s most awesome vistas – c.leavage.

We like them as a pillow.
Life is tough. And at the end of a day in the trenches of adulthood, nothing is as comforting a resting place for our weary heads as the cushion of your bosom. Cradled in the calming warmth of your natural upholstery, we can relax and regroup, ready to face the world anew, our spirit magically restored.

We like their mystery.
From the time we first become aware of them, bre.asts fascinate us; not only what we see, but what we don’t, as well. Untold numbers of hours are spent imagining what those beautifully mysterious mounds under your clothing actually look like. And when we finally do get to behold them “in the flesh,” we are rarely disappointed.

We like how they make us feel better.
I’m sure you’re aware of studies that have definitively shown that people who have pets live longer, healthier lives. What you may not know is that recent findings indicate that looking at br.easts for as little as fifteen minutes a day actually has a similar, healthy and longevity-enhancing impact on men.


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